Re: mailbox names with at sign + virtual_alias_maps

From: Wietse Venema (no email)
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 13:08:41 EDT

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    > Hi Wietse, please excuse me I accidently posted to porcupine.
    > > > I support a lot of domains (and subdomains), so it would be
    > > very convenient for me to give all my users a full qualified
    > > > mailbox/user/login whatever you call it as
    > "".
    > > This means you have to use Postfix virtual mailbox domains.
    > > You can GENERATE the corresponding Postfix tables from your
    > > database with user information.
    > Since postfix can make lookups in a DB, there should be a
    > pressing reason to generate an extra table for postfix.

    Try: "man ldap_table", "man mysql_table", or "man pgsql_table".

    > > UNDER NO CONDITIONS use REGEXP tables to define user
    > > populations. These regexps match too many addresses, and your
    > machine would be swamped with dictionary attack spam.
    > I use the regexp table only for subdomain propagation, so that
    > for example would be passed one level up to
    > . I never use them on the user@ part. This saves

    In other words, you accept any user name that a dictionary attack
    spammer comes up with. Don't do it, use a DBMS instead.


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