Re: maildrop problems

From: Tomasz Grobelny (no email)
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 11:31:45 EDT

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    On Wednesday 28 September 2005 16:19, Victor Duchovni wrote:
    > On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 03:58:02PM +0200, Tomasz Grobelny wrote:
    > > > The home directory of the recipient,
    > >
    > > /home/users/ in my setup (see below)? So what's wrong here:
    > >
    > > $ maildrop -V9 -d
    > > maildrop: authlib: groupid=1000
    > > maildrop: authlib: userid=1002
    > > maildrop: authlib: logname=,
    > > home=/home/users,
    > > maildrop: Changing to /home/users
    > > maildrop: Invalid home directory permissions - world writable.
    > maildrop thinks /home/users has inappropriate permissions. Is it
    > per-chance a symbolic link?
    No, it's not. The problem was that maildrop wants to have homedir owned by the
    user whose uid was read form database. Changing owner of /home/users/ to
    1002:1000 helped (as a temprary solution of course). The error message is
    misleading, should be something like "home dir not owner by 1002:1000".

    > In any case this is not a Postfix
    > question, try a Courier list...
    Right. The above is just in case anybody tries to find solution to "Invalid
    home directory permissions - world writable" problem.

    Tomasz Grobelny

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