RE: Header_checks : IGNORE

From: D.J. Fan (no email)
Date: Sat Sep 10 2005 - 11:44:38 EDT

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    >Hi all,
    >I'm trying to filter the Received: header from emails where it containes
    > or localhost (from Amavis/SpamAssassin).
    >What I've tried is this :
    >header_checks = regexp:/etc/postfix/header_checks
    >/^Received:.*127\.0\.0\.1/ IGNORE
    >/^Received:.*localhost/ IGNORE
    >I reloaded Postfix and sent an email to myself but the Received: headers
    >are still there.
    >Searching around I found various pages describing what seems to be the
    >same thing as I do.
    >Can someone please tell me what it is that I'm doing wrong ?

    Try less regex:
    /^Received: from localhost/ IGNORE

    Also, you can get rid of one of the two headers by setting:
    $insert_received_line = 0;
    in amavisd.conf

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