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From: mouss (no email)
Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 18:42:45 EDT

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    Vlada Macek a écrit :

    >is there some log analyzing software, that could transform postfix
    >syslog messages to the flow that is easier to read?
    >In other words, to group related consequential events, strip out
    >redundant information, but leave it almost all there?
    >Each time I need to resolve an issue, I need to research the mail log,
    >spending considerable amount of time grepping and lessing the postfix
    >log to get a clue what happened. Before I start to write an analyzer
    >that would do with the log the same thing my brain does while reading
    >the log, I ask whether there is something like that already developed.
    >All I found are some statistics counter HTML table generators, which I
    >really do not need.
    I have found no satisfactory one. I have a script that "aggregates" log
    lines but I'm still not satisfied (it currently needs to load all logs,
    which isn't very good). Now I started coding a log2mysql. if you can
    help, contact me off line. otherwise, wait for about a week or two (or
    more if I can't work on:).

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