Additional discussion: null sender -> MAILER-DAEMON

From: Ben Goodwin (no email)
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 10:54:47 EDT

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    I realize this has been talked about in the past (did some searching prior
    to subscribing to the list just now), but it doesn't appear to have ended in
    a solution and I'm running into a problem.
    I use Postfix (2.1.5) as a mail gateway in front of an Exchange core. When
    someone sends email to an Exchange user and the sending MTA does a "mail
    from: <>" (seems like broken behavior, yes, but it happens nevertheless),
    Postfix rewrites the From as MAILER-DAEMON, which means when someone replies
    to the email, they end up replying to
    (which goes to me). So I'm ending up getting all these email threads to
    MAILER-DAEMON. It also worries me that if an SMTP server sends me a bounce
    using the null sender, the bounce appears in my mailbox appearing to come
    from MY systems intead of theirs. I'd like a solution, though I don't know
    what's most appropriate. For example (and I know this doesn't mean it's
    right), under sendmail, there's no From or Reply to - if I reply to the
    message, the To: field is blank. Exim actually scans for the From: header
    and inserts that into the From field (that seems like an alarmingly bad
    thing to do). Is there anything I can do to emulate Sendmail's behavior
    without changing code? If not, can we discuss the problem and perhaps come
    to a permanent solution for future releases of Postfix?
    Thanks all!
        -=| Ben

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