Re: Thoughts based on two recent threads (Greylist and DBL).

From: Matt Fretwell (no email)
Date: Fri May 27 2005 - 11:31:57 EDT

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    John Madden wrote:

    > >  There are people and companies who do not have an endless well of
    > > money to spend upon their IT infrastructure. Some really do have to
    > > make do with what they can get. A large percentage of corporate admins
    > > seem never to have touched upon the reality outside of their little
    > > closet. Give it a try, sometime.

    > These companies should relay their outbound mail through their ISP's
    > mail servers, then.

     I will quit this thread gracefully after this post. Got to let the thread
    dies sometime :)

     To rephrase the discussion in a different way, I find this block dynamic
    attitude annoying for one prime reason. There are cartloads of technical,
    (both theoretical and actual), reasons why one should not run a MTA from a
    dynamic IP address. Although, most of these reasons never cause a problem
    in real life. However, not one person who has ever brought this subject up
    so far has ever argued on the basis of a valid *technical* reason for
    blocking dynamics, other than the probability of spew being greater from
    dynamics. That is technically a reason, not a valid technical reason.

     That is the specific reason why I still class this attitude as laziness.
    Their is only one person on this list who I know could make me cowtow to
    the technical aspect of this argument. No one else has ever brought it up


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