Re: override regular transport?

From: email builder (no email)
Date: Mon May 23 2005 - 03:43:11 EDT

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    --- Devdas Bhagat <> wrote:
    > On 21/05/05 19:11 -0700, email builder wrote:
    > > > it would help if your restate your problem (without any attempt to tell
    > > > how you would solve it). otherwise, we can only guess.
    > >
    > > I thought I described it in my first post, but you probably answer a lot
    > of
    > > email, so does this suffice?:
    > >
    > > I need to accept mail for at the machine I am working with;
    > this
    > > machine is to have user-configurable filtering where certain messages
    > will be
    > > saved off into folders other than the INBOX. Standard fare for an email
    > > server.
    > >
    > > The trick is: anything that would be normally be default then delivered
    > to
    > > the INBOX is to be relayed to another remote MTA that also thinks it is
    > the
    > > final destination for the same domain. I do not have control over that
    > > machine whatsoever.
    > So basically, you are a third party deploying a firewall for the users.
    > Users need to be able to specify filtering rules on the server, which
    > quarantines messages according to those rules. The rest of the email
    > should flow through to the primary server. Quarantined messages go to
    > individual IMAP folders for each user on the firewall.
    > What you need is a content_filter, but you are trying to use a LDA for
    > that purpose.

    I also need user-configurable filters with possible delivery to more than
    just a quarantine directory, which only something like procmail or Maildrop
    used as LDA will give me as far as I know. If there was a way to kick off
    Maildrop as a content filter, um, maybe that'd work, um... maybe? Seems very
    strange and maybe will slow postfix a lot.
    > I hope this simplifies the problem statement slightly.

    It's close, but I need a little more than just a firewall for spam and virii,
    but I am *certainly* interested to hear how you think it would be better
    done. If I were to JUST implement a "firewall" as you suggest, how is that
    best done? Is that something that amavis (wrapped around SA/clamav) can do?
    Can amavis redirect those quarantined mails to *per-user* spam and virus
    > I would use a content_filter which accept mail via SMTP, filters
    > according to whatever rules are specified, rewrites the envelop
    > recipients to ${user}+${extension}@${myhostname}.${original_domain}
    > and reinjects via smtpd. Unclassified/unfiltered mail is reinjected
    > unchanged.
    > $myhostname.$original_domain is in virtual_mailbox_maps (or
    > mydestination) as needed.
    > $original_domain is in relay_domains only.

    I see. Re-written mails are the ones that are stopped at the server, NOT the
    ones getting relayed. I assume amavis has functionality to do that kind of
    envelope recipient re-writing?
    > I hope this helps you in figuring out a solution.

    Yes and no. I CERTAINLY appreciate your help. This is a good second
    solution for us, but we'd also like user-configurable filters too...

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