Re: listed on SORBS (OT)?

From: mouss (no email)
Date: Sat May 21 2005 - 21:01:34 EDT

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    Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
    > On Fri, 2005-05-20 at 09:08, Administrator wrote:
    >>I had wanted to avoid this subject, but Mr. Sullivan's response to the list
    >>is a further demonstration of the problems with SOME blacklists.
    > I'll snip the rest so we don't have to endure it again.
    > There is a tendency to blame DNSBL/RHSBLs when they do something that we
    > think is not appropriate. IMHO, any admin who gives up control of
    > his/her own server to others, deserves whatever happens.

    agreed. but,

    - some airlines companies are illegal whatever customers think. this is
    true for a lot of jobs. the reason is that as a "normal guy" I am not
    supposed to be aware of all tricks...

    - just because one needs to check doesn't mean anyone is free to do what
    he wants. otherwise, I would have the right to trap ignorant people.

    - lists are supposed to be good, and are then listed in howtos/faqs/...
      so a lot of people just copy/paste. in theory that's their problem. in
    practice, it is not.

    > We started out using DNSBL/RHSBLs. We reduced our dependency on them as
    > we built up our own anti-spam tools. Today, the only DNSBL/RHSBLs we
    > use are our own in-house ones.
    > If people are too lazy to do anything but throw a bunch or RBLs in their
    > configuration, and are willing to depend on people they don't know from
    > a hole in the wall, they really shouldn't complain when unanticipated
    > results occur. Its their own fault.
    so I can sell atomic bombs and say: DISCLAIMER: do not use my bombs?
    come on...

    every guy running a BL knows that it will be used for good or for bad.
    in the present case, the sorbs list has just confirmed its death. It was
    already suspicious. We now have a clear understading of why it is

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