Re: Lotus Notes - Postfix (Smarthost gateway setup)

From: matthieu imbert (no email)
Date: Wed May 18 2005 - 10:25:35 EDT

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    Deives Michellis wrote:
    > Hash: SHA1
    > Lotus Notes is way easier to do it.
    > There is a smart host or smart something in the lotus notes config files, so any emails not directed to the local accounts get forwarded to the smart host (using the same local domain)
    > on the postfix side, you have to lookup lotus notes recipient list. the easiet way is thru LDAP. You can choose between dumping the mail list database from lotus notes and turning it into a hashed transport table, or consult it online with LDAP
    > my experience with notes (version 4.5 I guess, or something .5; I am neither the lotus notes administrator nor user) is that notes is not able to handle heavy load on ldap server; it often crashed. dont know if it is related to the notes version, or a corrupt installation. it just turns out better to dump the data with ldapsearch and, using sed, change it to a hash table like the following lines:

    Hi Deives,

    just for information:

    i also had to install a postfix gateway in front of a domino server. For
    this i used an ldap relay recipient map, and postfix is talking directly
    to the notes ldap server.

    some people had warned me of instabilities of the notes ldap server, but
    so far, i never had problem with this. Notes never crashes... The notes
    server is a 4.5 or 4.6 or something like that, and we get something like
    15000 smtp connections daily.

    Of course the danger is that if domino is down, postfix rejects
    evrything with a 4xx so we rely heavily on the domino server being up.

        (o o) Matthieu Imbert

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