Re: /usr/lib/sendmail replacement?

From: Christopher Chan (no email)
Date: Tue May 17 2005 - 10:41:47 EDT

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    > Where do I get these? I've bun hunting down postfix "packages" for a
    > long time now and am getting a bit lost. I was hoping the aformentioned
    > redhat .rpm would have done the trick, but I'm willing to do what it
    > takes to get a good install.

    >> Remove your current postfix installation via rpm. Install Redhat's
    >> postfix. Run redhat-switch-mail and choose postfix. Stop postfix with
    >> 'service postfix stop'. Then upgrade your postfix install with the 2.x
    >> rpm you have.
    >> Once you get your configuration right, you can run postfix with
    >> 'service postfix start' and it should also start/stop automatically
    >> when you bootup/shutdown. if you have already configured your postfix,
    >> copy your file before you remove your current postfix
    >> installation outlined in the steps above.
    > Ok, great directions.
    > Are these documented (and verified) anywhere else...and/or should I
    > start another wiki on this?

    Heh. redhat-switch-mail is probably documented on Redhat's manual for
    Redhat 9.

    > Are my installation challenges with postfix typical? Postfix seems so
    > well documented for post-install things...but the cross-platform
    > presentation seems to be lacking. Maybe I'm missing doc reference?

    You are running Redhat. You need a init script for which I do not know
    whether your rpm provides one or not. Does a /etc/init.d/postfix exist?

    Otherwise, the steps I gave will bring your system to, er, a Redhat sane
    configuration and allow you to upgrade your postfix binaries to postfix 2.x.

    No point in documenting it. I'd prefer that you get yourself a free RHN
    account and run 'up2date -u postfix redhat-switch-mail' to avoid having
    to go download other dependencies. If you need to, they will be under

    Also, 'up2date -u' is one way to get the, er, latest fixes, security
    updates available for Redhat 9. Redhat 9 is no longer maintained for at
    least if I remember correctly.

    I take it that you will install postfix 2.x. If postfix 1.x will
    suffice, you must get postfix rpm from here:

    Better yet, run 'rpm --import /usr/share/rhn/RPM*' and then 'up2date -u
    postfix redhat-switch-mail' and sign up and update your system and after
    that 'up2date -u' if you wish to get the latest fixes for your Redhat 9
    as of more than a year ago. The kernel can likewise be upgraded ...
    2.4.20-31.9 is the latest for Redhat 9 ... 'up2date -if kernel' or
    'up2date -if kernel-smp' if you have a SMP box.

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