Re: Overrides in MASTER.CF not working ... ?

From: Mark J. Nernberg (no email)
Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 18:40:44 EDT

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    On 5/15/05 5:58 PM, "Magnus Bäck" <> wrote:

    > On Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 23:53 CEST,
    > "Mark J. Nernberg" <> wrote:
    >> On 5/15/05 5:51 PM, "Magnus Bäck" <> wrote:
    >>> smtpd(8) does not pay attention to the value of mailbox_transport
    >>> (nor transport_maps). This solution just won't work.
    >>> Unless you really know what you're doing, always follow standard
    >>> recipes if they are applicable to your problem.
    >> Unfortunately, none of the standard recipes really apply.
    >> Cyrus deliver command is rather ... "persnickety", and the TMDA
    >> application I'm using doesn't support LMTP delivery, or it would
    >> be much easier.
    > What's does LMTP have to do with anything? Why not run TMDA as a content
    > filter and clear the content_filter parameter on the reinjection port?

    hadn't though of that!

    but will def. try it.

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