Re: Spam Problems

From: Kevin Pang (no email)
Date: Sun May 15 2005 - 12:44:01 EDT

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    "Robin Lynn Frank" wrote:
    > There is a known exploit of all but the most recent Awstats that can
    > produce exactly this type of problem. There was a thread on this list
    > several months ago. Check the archives.

    Unfortunately I can't find any threads related with Awstats exploit. I
    didn't Awstats could also be used as mail log analyzer and I use it for
    apache log only.

    The spam email entry in the log file look like:
    May 14 14:55:03 pang postfix/smtp[46011]: EC0C595C90: to=<>,[], delay=724, status=sent (250 ok
    1116100192 qp 2255)
    What kind of information can I get from it? It would be great if I can find
    which script the spammer used, then I can remove it and start my mail server
    again. Also probably find how the spammer achieve it.

    David Cary Hart Wrote:
    >As an aside, your IPa(s) are now probably listed in one or more RBLs
    >(block lists). You'll need to review this and request removal AFTER you
    >are sure that the problem is solved.
    Thanks for the reminding. I will do it after I fix the problem.


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