Re: Postfix Quota support

From: Chris Horry (no email)
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 16:30:48 EST

Wietse Venema wrote:
> Chris Horry:
>>Which leads to the question:
>>Would there be any impact to Postfix in turning on user quota (Linux
>>envirnoment). Would mail be lost if the user was over quota and the
>>Maildir could not be written to or would it queue?
> If the user is over quota, Postfix truncates a mailbox file back
> to its original length (and discards the file in case of maildir
> delivery) and bounces or defers the message.
> This should even work with virtual(8) mailboxes as long as each
> user has their own UID.

<>: maildir delivery failed: error writing message:
     quota exceeded

Excellent, just want I needed.


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