Re: per-domain RBLs

From: Xavier Beaudouin (no email)
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 14:50:56 EST

Hello Joe,

HAve a look at :,
This is József Kadlecsik Per user UCE control... I maybe what you want
(especialy if you use external maps : ldap, sql...)


> It would be cool to see a feature that would allow per-domain RBL
> lookups. I think this would be easy to implement.. read on!
> Add a setting to enable the feature.
> When enabled Postfix would do potentially two RBL lookups:
> Say the rbl server is
> Say the client host was
> The RCPT TO: address is .
> Postfix does an RBL lookup of
> If this is a match (to reject) then Postfix rejects and is done.
> else
> Postfix does an RBL lookup of
> (this is what it does now). It checks for a match here and if no match, it
> move to the next rule, otherwise reject.
> This would let RBL administrators add per-domain entries or master entries
> applying to all domains.
> (I apologize if I have gotten some of the exact RBL syntax wrong above. I
> do not know if the first lookup would be:
> "" or
> ""
> Is this of interest to anyone else? Does something like this exist?
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