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From: Cobus van Eeden (no email)
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 19:00:26 EDT

I was asked to add a disclaimer to all outgoing messages recently.

This is such a common thing that most of you list subscribers should have
had to do this on their system at some time in the past!

I got the basics going using the content_filter quite easily but am a bit
hesitant when it comes to writing my own code to parse all the MIME message
types that can be sent by users.

Does anyone know of a publicly available script that will parse a mail
message and add a given disclaimer to each part of a multipart/alternative
mail message, or at least txt,html and rtf?

I am not to keen on developing and testing such a script if it could be
avoided, but all my searches on the web up to now have turned out useless.



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