From: Michael Dillon (no email)
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 04:50:33 EDT

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Dalvenjah FoxFire wrote:

> This would get into the discussion about authenticating BGP again,
> but what happens if IANA and ARIN get all cozy

They already are all cozy, i.e. ARIN allocates address blocks delegated to
it by IANA and if you want to appeal an ARIN decision, the appeal goes to
IANA. Chances are that Magaziner's white paper due out today will suggest
formalizing that relationship.

> (no, I don't want to
> think about it) and ARIN decides to allocate some /18's out of 1/8?
> How do the folks filtering this network (because it's a reserved number)
> know that it's gone from being reserved to active use?

One item that is currently before the ARIN Advisory Council is a
suggestion that we publish a map of all currently allocated IP space and
keep that map up to date. If we do this then I think it solves this
problem if people keep verifying their filters against the map or if they
generate their filters based on the map.

> Maybe i'm just nitpicking, but with the so-called 'IP shortage', it
> would make some amount of sense that some of these reserved blocks will
> be opened up more and more. I don't like the idea of screwing over
> some poor new guy's connectivity just because engineering folks have
> better things to do than do 'whois's on their filters every week.

Rather than whining about the "powers that be" and pointing out how the
system is broken, why not propose a solution that these so-called "powers"
could implement to solve the problem. IANA and ARIN and RIPE and APNIC are
composed of some very ordinary yet clueful Internet folks that are capable
of recognizing a good idea when it is explained to them.

The ARIN AC is having a face-to-face day of meetings at the end of June
followed by a Board of Trustees meeting the following day. If there is
stuff that we can fix or we can do better, tell us all about it soon so we
can get it on the agenda for that meeting.

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