RE: NAP Architecture

From: Rodney Joffe (no email)
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 00:49:54 EST


No-one said any of that was free. But on the other hand, the $2,000 a
month Rack fee covers a lot. As well as the required $2,500 a month port
fee on the Gigaswitch. There's always a middle ground... which is all
we're saying. At the moment the pendelum is at the 'other' end. Would be
nice if it was in the middle. Sort of like your side of MAE LA.

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> And of course the D-Ring is free, the wall/ceiling where it hangs is
> free,
> the utilities needed so you can see what is hanging in that D-Ring,
> the
> insurance to cover the landlords butt when you fall off the ladder,
> the
> water & plumbing so's you can wash out your soiled undies and rinse
> off
> the spurting blood from the arterial puncture from that fall... all
> free.
> --bill

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