Agenda for Interprovider Ops BOF at NANOG 11

From: Jake Khuon (no email)
Date: Mon Oct 27 1997 - 12:16:16 EST

It just occurred to me that an agenda was never published for the BOF.
Sorry for the late announcement. Hope to see some of you there.

                   Interprovider Operations BOF - NANOG 11

I. Introduction (Jake Khuon)
        A. Participant's List and Survey Form
        B. Notetaking Volunteer
        C. Agenda Bashing

II. "Smurfing" - The Latest Denial of Service Attack and How to Minimize
    Its Effects (Craig Huegen)

III. PAIR - Policy Analysis of Internet Routing
        A. Introduction and Overview (Jake Khuon)
        B. PAIR In Use (Abha Ahuja)

IV. New Route Server Developments
        A. RS Autoreconfiguration (Jake Khuon)
        B. RADB Extensions to Support RS Peering (Abha Ahuja)

V. NANOG OPS WG discussion (Jake Khuon)
        A. Do we need one?
        B. Publications series?
        C. Charter?

VI. Other Discussions (open)

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