Re: Traffic Engineering (fwd)

From: Avi Freedman (no email)
Date: Thu Sep 18 1997 - 19:50:55 EDT

> P.S.: Curtis Villamizar had another interesting approach
> which involved pushing content far afield to
> machines with the same transport-layer (IP)
> addresses, relying upon closest-exit routing to
> connect one to the topologically-closest replication
> machine. Unfortunately, while this could be really
> cool for NSPs to offload stuff towards peering
> points (public or private), it also has some poor
> scaling properties and is uncomfortably reliant
> upon the stability of routing.
> If he's done any more thinking about the idea,
> I'd love to hear about it though.

I don't know about Curtis, but others have solved this problem
(in theory) recently.

We at Net Access have figured out a way (we believe) to get
around the stability-of-routing issue for already-established
TCP sessions in the above approach (multiple machines with the
same IP externally, plus an internally different IP, each
running gated to announce their /32(s) to your IGP) -
hint: a question I asked on NANOG a few days back -
And Alec Peterson (now of Erols) has figured out an even
arguably slicker way to do it.

I'll see if Merit wants to have Alec and I do a presentation
on the methods @ NANOG.

We should be able to implement our various solutions by then...


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