Re: Traffic Engineering

From: Michael Dillon (no email)
Date: Wed Sep 17 1997 - 16:23:50 EDT

>> > 2. Identify which % of traffic, if any, has regional locality.

>Are there any major potholes in this theory that I'm missing?

Locality of reference refers to the geographical separation between source
and destination addresses on IP packets.

If you think of the source/dest pairs as representing a virtual connection
and these connections as representing a logical topology of the Internet,
then the message that started this thread was explaining how to engineer
your physical topology to best match the logical topology. Of course,
because the Internet does not exist this physical topology is likely to
always be sub-optimal in an engineering sense because the business decision
that end users make to establish physical links to the Internet are made
for economic and emotional reasons more than for engineering reasons.

The only area in which engineering can be used to solve your hot button
issue is that if providers in your local area build a good local exchange
point then you may be able to persuade more local end users to connect to
local providers in order to attain better local connectivity.

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