Re: Sprint?

From: Phil Howard (no email)
Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 - 16:16:07 EDT

Wayne Bouchard wrote...

> > I was wondering if Sprint had any intention to fix thier hostnames on
> > thier routers. Ever since upgrading the recent versions of Os's, the name
> > resolveres no longer resolve names with '/'s in them. Ie:
> I can sympathize with Sprint's delay since my network has the same
> problem. On OSen which included this newer version of BIND for which I
> had source, I had to kinda "break" it to get name resolution until
> such time as people decide on a new naming schema.

I cannot sympathize with Sprint's delay. It has all along been documented
what the valid characters were. Just get all the managers that want to have
a say in what the new scheme will be, and lock them into a hotel room with
food service, allowing them to leave only once they have have a concensus or
relinquish their say in the matter.

They can just substitute / for - in the mean time.

And then, Sprint isn't the only culprit. Take a look at CRL.

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