Re: Interesting social phenomenon...

From: Robert E. Seastrom (no email)
Date: Fri Apr 25 1997 - 15:19:55 EDT

   From: Jim Van Baalen <>

   By the time I saw messages related to as7007 I had already diagnosed
   the problem

By definition. My point precisely.

    but I don't see anything inappropriate about discussing it here.

There's a difference between discussing how to keep it from happening
again (routing registries and filters have been alluded to in the past
and maybe they'll get additional consideration from certain entities
this time), and concluding that since you haven't seen any mail
related to the outage you must be the first person to notice it and
immediately sending off mail so you'll impress your fellow NANOG
readers with your razor-sharp network debugging skills (no this is
obviously not directed at you, but if you took a guess on targets you
just might be right).

Note that I didn't pass any judgement on appropriateness in my
message. What I intended to convey is that maybe, just maybe, the
reason that you haven't seen any mail about the network being broken
is, in some way, attributable to the fact that the network is broken.
And people should cogitate on that one before composing an email

That's all.


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