RE: YI: BBN/MCI Peering Change 3/31/97

From: Scott Huddle (no email)
Date: Mon Apr 21 1997 - 16:20:37 EDT

Just to update everyone on some of the strange traceroutes,
MCI continues to support our customer relationship with BBN
by taking MEDs, and will continue to do so for a bit longer,
hopefully this will be transitioned real soon.

BBN has been a great customer, best of luck in your new ventures!


Sean Kennedy <> wrote on Mon, 17 Mar 1997
>Just over two years ago BBN/NEARNET, BBN/BARRNet, and SURAnet (later
>BBN/SURAnet) independently selected MCI to provide Network Service Provider
>(NSP) transit services. The transit agreement obligated BBN-owned
>regionals to use MCI for transit services. Over the past two years BBN
>has migrated from this collection of semi-autonomous regional networks
>to one nationwide infrastructure. We have made minimal use of MCI
>transit services, using existing connections to MCI primarily to reach
>MCI customers.
>In light of this change and in order to provide improved connectivity
>to their customers, BBN and MCI have agreed to replace the transit
>service agreement with a private peering agreement. Cessation of the
>transit agreement is scheduled for 3/31/97.
>The technical impact of this change is that MCI will no longer announce
>BBN routes at the public interconnects, except to those providers who
>have purchased transit service from MCI. Providers with significant
>trans-national US infrastructure at DS3 or greater speeds who are reliant
>on MCI's announcement of AS1 prefixes are encouraged to pursue peering with
>BBN by contacting '' by 3/19/97. Those providers
>with a existing transit provider who peers with BBN should see no change in
>how they reach BBN customers (and should contact their transit provider with
>questions regarding its connectivity). Existing peers of BBN will see no
>change in our announcements or routing.
> Sean
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