F.Root-Servers.net and bogus data

From: Eric Germann (no email)
Date: Mon Feb 24 1997 - 17:10:11 EST


In the process of switching ISP's, I sent some updates off to InterNIC last
friday. The new SOA's are in place on all root servers except for
f.root-servers.net. Mail to yields no response
(who knows, they could be using f.....)

The domain name is cctec.com.

The correct answers are and, not 206.21.31.xxx
as listed on f.

So who runs F, and how do I politely ask them to check and see if they
picked up their updates last Friday. Contact listed for root-servers.net
is .

At the risk of starting another flame war, does this make F the One FALSE
Root Server?


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