From: Ehud Gavron (no email)
Date: Sun Sep 24 1995 - 21:03:38 EDT

Date Sent: 24-SEP-1995 18:03:39

Noel wrote:
><Let's see, this argument has now been had on CIDRD, Big-Internet, Com-Priv,
>and now it seems to have struck NANOG. Anyone care to guess how many more
>mailing lists we can have the same debate one? This is really tedious, stupid,
>and wasteful, everyone.>
>(although 2^18 is still probably too big). The limit might have to move up
>if we fill the routing tables with /18's...

Let's say we did have an absolute limit of /18s and 2^18 entries.
2^18 entries of 32 bytes each is 16Mb, which is almost within the
capacity of a Cisco 2500. (Well, Ok, CISCO would do something clever
about not storing the complete net and mask given that it would never
be more than /18 for external networks.)

Why is this a problem?


Ehud Gavron	(EG76)

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