Re: Linux shaping packet loss

From: Michael Holstein (no email)
Date: Tue Dec 08 2009 - 13:08:25 EST

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    > From my own experience, turning off auto negotiate can lead to unusual
    > behavior later on

    I too had this crop up in an unusual manner .. the hardware was HP with
    Intel Pro 1000 on one side, and Cisco 65xx on the other. Neither side
    saw errors, and (most) everything seemed to work .. however, one java
    app that depended on SSL would constantly fail when it tried to retrieve
    a file.

    Both sides hard coded (didn't matter to what) wouldn't work. When we
    upgraded to GigE blades, it still wouldn't work in any hard-coded
    configuration, even though the O/S (Win2k3 .. RDP, FTP, etc.) appeared
    to work.

    Set both sides auto/auto : bam. problem solved.

    The app was Sonicwall Email Security (on the off-chance someone else is
    fighting that same issue).


    Michael Holstein
    Cleveland State University

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