Re: Breaking the internet (hotels, guestnet style)

From: Owen DeLong (no email)
Date: Tue Dec 08 2009 - 10:14:47 EST

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    On Dec 8, 2009, at 1:18 AM, Andrew Cox wrote:

    > Sounds like a great idea in theory but would require OS support or a dual-hotspot setup that provided for both options until support was expected.
    > Until such time it's simply unworkable.
    > That and as mentioned in my previous post, the setup we have *just works* for users who don't have the permissions to change off of a static IP and use DHCP on their laptops.
    And it just breaks for those of us who actually expect "internet access" to mean
    access to the internet, not just the web.

    I make a habbit of calling support and pushing the issue hard through multiple
    layers until I finally get a management denial, then, demand refunds of my
    connectivity charges every time I encounter this at a hotel.

    I figure that the reason you guys deploy what "just works" as you put it is because
    it lowers your support costs, so, I do what I can to increase the support costs of
    delivering a broken internet.

    I encourage others to do the same.


    > Andrew
    >> This really should be a DHCP option which points to the authentification
    >> server using ip addresses. This should be return to clients even
    >> if they don't request it. Web browers could have a hot-spot button that
    >> retrieves this option then connects using the value returned.
    >> No need to compromise the DNS or intercept http.
    >> Mark

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