Re: ISP customer assignments

From: Justin Shore (no email)
Date: Tue Oct 13 2009 - 17:11:06 EDT

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    Dan White wrote:
    > Occam did it partially right. They're half-bridging only - not true layer 2
    > to an aggregator (which is not necessary in their scenario). The problem
    > with the access vendor doing half-bridging is that they have to be very
    > layer-3 smart, and Occam was not quite there for IPv6 last time I worked
    > with them (about 6 months ago).

    When we did a RFP with them they didn't support v6 yet but they also
    wouldn't get in the way of passing v6 over them (minus the DHCP
    snooping/learning features of course). That was 2 years ago. I haven't
    looked at them since but they said that they'd work on it.

    > I haven't really been happy with any DSL vendor's response to my questions
    > about IPv6. We happened to choose Calix, which is not particularly IPv6
    > friendly, but were successful in getting commitments from them to support
    > IPv6 pass through.

    None of the FTTH vendors we vetted supported v6 but at least a few said
    that they'd work on it. Pannaway's response though was priceless.

    > I have little doubt that Pannaway could implement IPv6, they just need to
    > get enough demand from customers to make it worth their while.

    Pannaway was bought a while back by Enablence. Hopefully they will
    drive a bit more clue into the products. Hopefully that SE isn't there
    anymore or if he is hopefully he's not driving product development. His
    other 2 answers about QoS not being needed because our links were
    sustaining saturation (microbursts anyone?) and that we didn't need an
    IGP because our network wasn't big enough and that static routing would
    do (for just shy of 100 routing devices in 3 POPs) was the icing on the
    cake. Unfortunately the decision was made to eat the cake anyway.


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