Re: Cogent leaking /32s?

From: seph (no email)
Date: Fri Oct 02 2009 - 16:48:27 EDT

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    I called cogent. Best guess is that they leaked the /32 announcements
    that people do for the peer a/b stuff. They normally filter them, and
    don't have any recommendation about whether or not to set no export.


    seph <> writes:

    > ML <> writes:
    >> I received an alert from Cyclops telling me a probe in AS513 had seen
    >> a /32 that I announce to Cogent for one of our BGP sessions.
    >> Did anyone else see this?
    > cyclops alerted me that the /32s my routers use got announced. I'm still
    > tying to figure out what's up. They're not routes I announce, and as far
    > as I can tell, they were announced with a cern next hop.
    > seph

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