Re: OSPF vs IS-IS vs PrivateAS eBGP

From: Daniel Roesen (no email)
Date: Thu Aug 20 2009 - 19:26:13 EDT

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    On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 08:47:14AM -0500, Clue Store wrote:
    > 99% of all of our customer CPE is not managed by the customer, so that
    > leaves it up to me to decide what to run to them.

    And then you run into the customer who thinks it's better to use a CPE
    of his own, breaks into the CPE to read your config and hooks up his own
    device with his own config... and suddenly you have Problems[tm].

    I've seen it happening, more than once.

    > The only issue with using
    > ebgp is getting enough of my staff that actually understand bgp to the
    > point where they can deploy it themselves without having to get me involved
    > on every install.

    Am I alone in my view that BGP is _far_ more simple and straight-forward
    than OSPF (except in salary negotiations of course *G*)? Especially if
    you leave "plain simple area 0". Or if you have to protect from external
    parties. With BGP prefix-filtering, things are easy and obvious.

    > We are moving to a new NOC so this network will get a fresh start (new
    > 7513-sup720, few m10i's, and a dozen or so 7200vxr's). So my deployment
    > strategy will be ebgp with multihmed customers. I just had to poke the fire
    > so I had some ammo for upper management when they ask why I decide to go
    > ebgp.


    Best regards,

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