RE: Residential BW Planning

From: Paul Stewart (no email)
Date: Wed Aug 12 2009 - 08:54:13 EDT

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    This may have changed a bit - but we used to use 2000 high speed = 100
    meg of capacity. Based on 5000/800 ADSL or 8000/1000 cable modem
    profiles mainly...


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    We have calculated our customers peak b/w usage between 20 and 60
    spread across a wide variety of users and wide range of speeds (128/128
    to 15000/1000 kbps). You only need a few heavy users to skew things.
    400 at 4 Mbps would make me think that 20 to 30 Mbps would be


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    Subject: Residential BW Planning

    I am trying to perform some capacity planning for some of our
    residential pops, but the old calcs I used to use seem useless -- as
    they were adapted from the dialup days and relied upon a percentage of
    users online (~50%) and a percentage of concurrent transmission (~19%).
    My present scenario involves a micro-pop terminating 250 residences
    where users are expecting 4 mb/s. So I am looking for some baseline to
    begin at, so I am wondering what others are doing.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.




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