Re: ServerBeach Name Server Outage?

From: Jon Kibler (no email)
Date: Mon Aug 10 2009 - 07:06:17 EDT

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    Tim Franklin wrote:
    >> Is anyone else that uses ServerBeach hosting having issues with their name
    >> servers (ns[12] failing to resolve their hostnames?
    > I haven't seen any recent problems, although I have the geodns servers slaving
    > from my server. Are you doing the same, or generating DNS directly on their NS
    > (through the web front end)?
    > Regards,
    > Tim.

    I am being lazy and using their servers directly.

    The problem has gone away. SB got back to me about 30 minutes after I opened a
    trouble ticket through and said, "At around 0930 this morning our DNS
    servers, and experienced an issue where name
    resolution was not completing. We have not as of yet identified the root cause
    of the issue, but services were restored shortly thereafter at around 0940. At
    this time, we would like to ask that you please check your services again to
    ensure that all is in order. If they are not, please do let us know and we will
    investigate further."

    I strongly disagree with their time frame estimates, as I saw an outage that
    lasted at least 55 to 60 minutes, not 10 minutes. I first observed the outage
    about 09:50 EDT, spent about 20 minutes investigating it and trying to verify it
    was not a routing issue (I checked from 9 different locations that I could not
    get name resolution), and another 10 minutes tracking down my password and
    reporting it -- at 10:20. Name services were still failing at 10:45, but were
    working correctly at 10:50 when I received the above message from SB.

    To me, it looks like that SB has a *CRITICAL* infrastructure design problem if
    they have a situation were both name servers can fail simultaneously. I hope
    this does not mean that they have a single dual-homed box that is really both
    name servers!! I would really want/expect them to have two physically different
    servers in two vastly diverse physical locations (or even better, multiple boxes
    hidden by anycast), but the type of failure observed tends to argue against such

    I hope this is a situation that SB will correct, as it is simply unacceptable to
    have all of one's name servers simultaneously fail.

    Jon K
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