Re: Sprint/Verizon BGP

From: Jay Hennigan (no email)
Date: Wed Aug 05 2009 - 13:32:38 EDT

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    Edward Brookhouse wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > Any Sprint BGP admins on this list can offer any thoughts on why Sprint
    > connected networks are preferring my Sprint connection when they should be
    > preferring my Verizon?
    > I (Healthy Directions) am AS16387, two blocks and
    >, being announced by sprint and Verizon, preferred to
    > Verizon(DS3) over Sprint 3MB.

    They will prefer to send you traffic over their direct connection over
    that of a peer.

    You can influence this by sending them a community to lower your local
    preference within their network.

    Export community 1239:80 to Sprint and clear your outbound BGP session
    with them. See if that does the trick.

    However, you might get better performance by keeping Sprint direct
    customers on the Sprint link under normal circumstances, but have the
    rest of the Internet come over your Verizon link. If the Sprint
    customer traffic (only) doesn't fill your pipe from them, then you'll
    likely get shorter paths and lower latency by taking it direct.

    To do this, don't export 1239:80 but instead export 65004:0 which will
    cause Sprint to prepend to the rest of the Internet but route their
    customer traffic to you directly.

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