Re: Fiber cut - response in seconds?

From: JC Dill (no email)
Date: Tue Jun 02 2009 - 10:44:40 EDT

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    Elmar K. Bins wrote:
    > (JC Dill) wrote:
    >> Why do they "watch" and "monitor" rather than proactively go
    >> out and say "watch out, there's an unmarked cable here" and keep them
    >> from cutting the cable in the first place?
    > *snicker*
    > You ever been to a construction site?
    Yes. We have a number here to call "Before You Dig" and they send
    people out to mark where underground utilities are. It would be
    trivially easy for one more set of jump-suited and hard-hat-wearing
    people to show up during this phase of the project and mark one more
    line. For the most part the construction teams don't know and don't
    care who is marking the lines or who is responsible for each, they just
    want the lines marked (location and type of line - gas, electric, telco)
    so they can avoid cutting them. In this way the marking team would be
    "undercover" and the previously unmarked/unmapped line would be No Big
    Deal. When an unmarked line is cut and black SUVs show up (the opposite
    of "undercover"), the line becomes A Big Deal which is the opposite of
    what is intended.


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