Re: Request for data : Earth Hour - traffic stats [28 March 2009 20:30-21:30 local]

From: Seth Mattinen (no email)
Date: Sun Mar 29 2009 - 04:06:04 EDT

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    jamie rishaw wrote:
    > Ninjas,
    > I'm compiling some data re this year's "Earth Hour"[1] .
    > For those not in the know, or those that dismissed it, "Earth Hour" is
    > something the World Wildlife Fund cooked up, suggesting that the world "turn
    > off" all non-essential electrical devices, to demonstrate some
    > global-warming hypothesis.
    > I'm looking for data - either compiled or raw - of activity between 8:30
    > (20:30) and 9:30 (21:30) "local" time. Power usage (and comparisons against
    > previous weeks if available) and probably easier to push out - bandwidth
    > info (and, again, comparisons against previous 2030-2130-saturday-night
    > data).
    > All data will be anonymized. Sources, if you send from $work email, will
    > not be included in any summarizations.
    > I think this will turn out to be some rather interesting info. I'll post
    > findings to nanog, of course, or at least, appropriate urls and such.

    I say we all run "off the grid" on generator power for earth hour. (At
    least that's what I'm saying because it was coincidentally my regular
    automatic exercise time with load transfer.)


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