Re: Google Over IPV6

From: Stephen Sprunk (no email)
Date: Fri Mar 27 2009 - 13:19:56 EDT

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    Robert D. Scott wrote:

    It's relatively easy to make _your own_ apps (i.e. ones you have the
    source for) support IPv6.

    Most companies, though, are completely reliant on their vendors, which
    means buying a new version, testing, deployment, etc. -- assuming the
    vendor is still in business, hasn't discontinued the product, has even
    bothered to try implementing IPv6 yet (most haven't), etc. That may
    also involve an upgrade of the OS that the app runs on, purchasing new
    hardware to handle the bloat in newer OSes, etc. You may also need to
    upgrade your LAN hardware to models that support IPv6 forwarding in
    hardware, more RAM for routers to run IPv6 code (if it's even
    available), new VPN boxes, etc.

    Now, if you keep up with your upgrades every year, and stop using
    products when the vendors stop supporting them or go out of business,
    most of this should already be built into your budgets -- but not many
    execs see value in that. "If it ain't broke so badly that it cuts into
    profits, you don't need any budget for it."


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