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From: MÃ¥ns Nilsson (no email)
Date: Fri Nov 28 2008 - 15:03:31 EST

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    > I'm thinking physical security is over done in some data centers. Sure it
    > is a great idea to make sure no one steals the hardware, but much beyond
    > that and allowing in expected personnel only, it soon gets to being
    > counter productive.
    > I was once back-up for a facility so "secure" I never got to visit it?!
    > I'm not saying I might not have been that useful if I was ever called on
    > to provide support - guess we'll never know. Although for that one I did
    > at least happen to know where it was despite it not being sign posted.

    There are places whose location we do not talk about, where important stuff
    gets done, like peering.

    In Sweden, the Post and Telecommunications Authority has oversight over a
    number of first-rate data centres that are designed for those bits and
    pieces of infrastructure that need to work under all circumstances.
    Typically they rent space to telcos and ISP's for things like important
    central systems, backbone routers / transmission etc. The largest Internet
    exchange in Sweden, Netnod, has its five largest sites in these facilities.

    These data centres are designed to Swedish military command center
    specifications (not like Cheyenne Mountain but significantly better than,
    say, a Minuteman site) to withstand a number of adverse conditions, like
    near-misses from nuclear weapons, prolonged power outages, poison gas
    clouds, etc. Typically, they are buried in bedrock close to major cities.
    Exactly where is of course known in the business, but not so well that it
    is OK to post their locations on Nanog.

    Yes, we've got excellent bedrock in Sweden, and we use it ;-)

    MÃ¥ns Nilsson			M A C H I N A
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