Re: IPv6 routing /48s

From: bill fumerola (no email)
Date: Mon Nov 24 2008 - 18:33:09 EST

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    On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 04:46:08PM -0600, wrote:
    > ARIN claims they are seeing /48s routed, at least in their route tables. I
    > have seen some new momentum on the allocation of /32's, don't know if that
    > is in response to rules like this?? Would be awefully difficult for our
    > organization to come up with the rationale to need 65K /48s internally to
    > justify a /32.

    i can verify this. Verizon refused to route $employer's /44.

    any complaints were met with "just because ARIN gives you space doesn't
    mean we have to route it".

    -- bill

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