Re: NAT66 and the subscriber prefix length

From: Eugeniu Patrascu (no email)
Date: Sat Nov 22 2008 - 14:36:21 EST

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    >> My gripe was that I wanted to get an IPv6 allocation from
    >> RIPE to start
    >> testing how IPv6 would fit in the company that I work for and build a
    >> dual stack network so that when the time comes, just switch
    >> on IPv6 BGP
    >> neighbors and update the DNS.
    >> But at almost 10.000 EUR per year it's an experiment I can't afford.
    > That is not an experiment.

    I was hoping to do it in one step with my own IPv6 PI space and do the
    allocation and routing on the servers/routers/firewalls, see how that
    goes and when the time was right, just announce my prefix to the world :)

    > An experiment is where you go to <>,
    > generate your own unique RFC 4193 prefix, and then implement your IPv6
    > network using that. When you are ready to switch on BGP peering with the
    > rest of the world, get a /32 from your RIR, and renumber the network
    > leaving
    > the interface IDs the same.

    Thanks for the URL, I was not aware of it. I guess I'll have to
    experiment with prefixes from that and see hot it goes.

    > If you are concerned that renumbering will be hard, go back and generate
    > another ULA, and renumber your network as part of your experiment.

    I'll probably do that also.


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