RE: Level 3 OC-12 cut in SanFran/Hayw

From: Matthew Huff (no email)
Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 09:32:45 EST

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    Keep waiting. I've been yet unsuccessful on getting a call back from anyone. They keep saying the same thing "it's part of a oc12 issue, field techs have been dispatch, please wait, no etr". Since that's now over 12 hours, I don't find it acceptable (not the down part, if it's part of a large cut, outage etc, I understand that), but rather their lack of information. I've escalated it to a "level 4 escalation" and they promised a callback within 15 minutes (which was 30 minutes ago).

    By any chance, were you originally a Broadwing customer? I have a feeling that the oc-12 that was disconnected was a mistake in their db caused by the acquisition, and since they may have lost the original info, they may have no choice but to re-engineer the circuits.

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    I can tell you I have a DS3 here in Wyoming down because of this outage as
    well. 14 hours now it's been out and we haven't received anything from L3
    unless I call and beat it out of them. I am waiting on a CB from a
    supervisor right now.


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    We lost a DS3 out of our downtown SF office around 4 hours ago. The Level 3
    master ticket for OC-12 outage is #3020259 and is out of Hayworth. Anyone
    know anything more about this? Getting any info out of level 3 let alone an
    ETR has been challenging.

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