Re: IPv6 routing /48s

From: Kevin Oberman (no email)
Date: Mon Nov 17 2008 - 18:18:29 EST

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    > Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 16:46:08 -0600
    > Are there any parties out there routing /48 IPv6 networks globally? I ran
    > into a supposed Catch-22 with Verizon and IPv6 address space and was
    > looking for clarification.
    > We have been delegated a /48 by ARIN. We then went out to procure a
    > native IPv6 T1 from Verizon (*mainly for testing*). We requested that
    > Verizon route the /48 that we were provided by ARIN. Verizon's response
    > was "they do not route network smaller than a /32". Fair enough...
    > capacity planning for all the /48's would give a router a headache with
    > today's hardware... so we requested address delegated from Verizon's
    > larger block of addresses to be used for addressing. The response was
    > that we could not receive new address space until we returned our ARIN
    > provided address space... so in effect, go back and get a /32 from ARIN
    > or give up on ever owning address space again.
    > ARIN claims they are seeing /48s routed, at least in their route tables. I
    > have seen some new momentum on the allocation of /32's, don't know if that
    > is in response to rules like this?? Would be awefully difficult for our
    > organization to come up with the rationale to need 65K /48s internally to
    > justify a /32.

    Lots of people have /48s from ARIN and many are routed. The global IPv6
    table currently has about 200 of them. Among those using /48s are ARIN
    and at least three of the root name servers, so that policy would block
    access to rather important sites. :-)

    I'd say that someone at VZB is pretty clueless.

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