Re: Catalyst 6500 High Switch Proc

From: Philip L. (no email)
Date: Sat Nov 15 2008 - 17:08:21 EST

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    This is on a Sup720-3BXL by the way:

    'sh mls netflow table-con detailed:'
    Earl in Module 5
    Detailed Netflow CAM (TCAM and ICAM) Utilization
    TCAM Utilization : 100%
    ICAM Utilization : 6%
    Netflow TCAM count : 262024
    Netflow ICAM count : 8
    Netflow Creation Failures : 2085847
    Netflow CAM aliases : 0

    I had read about this earlier, along with 100% TCAM usage for the FIB,
    but that wouldn't be the case here, as we're only showing 25% of the FIB
    TCAM being used.

    Philip L.
    Jon Lewis wrote:
    > This should probably be on cisco-nsp rather than nanog, but...
    > 5000 lines for ACL? I don't have any experience with ACLs of that 
    > size, but it sounds like a possible problem.
    > If you're doing netflow export and not doing sampled netflow, I'm 
    > guessing this is where your problem is. sh mls netflow 
    > table-contention detailed
    > might be able to confirm or rule this out.
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