Re: [funsec] McColo: Major Source of Online Scams andSpams KnockedOffline (fwd)

From: Chris Lewis (no email)
Date: Thu Nov 13 2008 - 11:39:33 EST

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    John Bambenek wrote:
    > Something to keep in mind. I don't believe it was McColo that was the
    > end provider of "badware" per se (and I could be proven wrong), they
    > simply played the enabling role by hosting it and looked the other way.
    > Now don't get me wrong, they ought to be kicked offline for
    > externalizing their costs on the rest of us, but what criminal charges
    > could be filed here?

    Aiding and abetting and conspiracy come to mind at the very least.
    Knowingly facilitating child porn should have quite a few possiblities too.

    But they're really hard things to prosecute on the Internet, in the face
    of the plausible deniability shields they work at so carefully to erect.

    > That said, of course this information should be turned over to law
    > enforcement. It often is.

    Don't assume it hasn't already. Previously. Repeatedly. And I don't
    think the dust has quite settled yet.

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