Re: Fwd: RE: Potential Prefix Hijack

From: Scott Weeks (no email)
Date: Tue Nov 11 2008 - 00:29:34 EST

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    Using for my prefixes (also hijacked) it looks like the damage is only to ASs downstream of either (or both) ASN 3130 and/or ASN 2914.

    Given the large number of respondents to the thread, it looks like a possible case of no filtering by upstreams and full table announcements/withdrawals over a period of about 40 minutes beginning 23:22 11/10/2008 GMT. There was also a problem at 17:09:30 2008 GMT for our prefixes.



    subthread on what's working and how with these prefix hijack alert systems: BGPmon alerted on this and PHAS did not. They're the only two I am on at this time.

    The 3.5 hour period has not happened for PHAS's damping technique to work. I have 10 separate emails from BGPmon

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