From: David Freedman (no email)
Date: Fri Nov 07 2008 - 04:14:26 EST

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    > When I thought about it, the IP core (10G links etc) first came to mind,
    > and there it's fairly easy to roll out (since I guess a lot of us do
    > WRED already), but what about on slower links? Would it make sense to
    > have our DSLAMs do this? What about DSL/cable modems (well, vendors
    > should first realise that FIFO is not great to begin with :P) ?

    Implementing this in an MPLS core is not an easy task, you can really
    only do this on the edge, when the MPLS labelled packet arrives at an
    LSR, we don't know if it contains a TCP segment or not (fancy deep h/w
    implementations excluded), all we know is that , if there is congestion,
    we can discard it based on the EXP bits in the shim.


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