Re: Google SMTP acceptance policy?

From: Jonathan Traylor (no email)
Date: Thu Nov 06 2008 - 18:30:57 EST

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    These links have been of some assistance, however some of the questions
    seem irrelevant to the specified situation once the a first handful are
    answered. Perhaps they are intended to be a test of a person's
    comprehensive ability (or not).

    Someone off-list mentioned the possible google 'sandbox effect'[1] seen
    with new web presences, which relates to some 'build your reptition long
    and solid' responses.

    I have been able to make contact with a few that will hopefully result
    in a more transparent solution then 'wait and see.'


    Thanks to all who responsed on and off-list.

    On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 10:06:12PM -0600, Frank Bulk wrote:
    > Have you worked through this Q/A process?
    > I went through it and at the end it says there's not a way to whitelist a
    > domain.
    > For Bulk e-mail senders:
    > There's this checklist, too:
    > And here's a form to fill out:

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