RE: Ixia, Juniper going green?

From: Martin Hannigan (no email)
Date: Wed Nov 05 2008 - 13:54:06 EST

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    Going green on your hardware is not necessarily about consumption as it is efficiency and I think that there is much difficulty in showing that on a piece of hardware without relation to capacity, cooling, or some other meaningful output. PUE is reasonable to some extent to measure a facilities efficiency.
    Watts per gig or meg seems a reasonable measure for this and Force10 was talking about that ions ago, but I have to wonder why Juniper and IXIA aren't doing this in conjunction with the Green Grid.

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    Subject: Ixia, Juniper going green?
    I wonder what impact this would put on other vendors to turn down
    their power consumptions and turn, as Juniper and Ixia like to put it
    - Green!
    BTW, the specs are a little skewed because they're only measuring
    power consumption when the router is only forwarding traffic, i.e.,
    there is no traffic going to CPU.
    Also any idea about the genesis of this ECR initiative
    ( and what their eventual goal is ?

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