Re: AT&T routing issue

From: Brian Wallingford (no email)
Date: Tue Nov 04 2008 - 22:05:46 EST

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    :In short yes. AT&T uses a customer specific access list to perform a
    :uRPF like function. That is, if your provider did not request for
    :their provider to have AT&T update their filter.

    Indeed. We've used ATT MIS for many years and have been happy with their
    policies (which have blunted quite a few DDOS attacks), and their response
    to acl mod requests. They do tend to take longer than I'd like
    (on the order of several business days) for standard requests, though if
    you request expedition, response time is impressive.

    Overall, thumbs up.

    :AT&T MIS Maintenance
    :888-613-6330 Prompt-3, 2

    Yep. Always quite responsive. As with any other vendor, if you feel the
    person handling the call isn't qualified, escalate.

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