Re: Peering for beginners

From: Konstantin Bezruchenko (no email)
Date: Sat Oct 11 2008 - 08:44:49 EDT

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    Simon Lockhart wrote:
    > Take a look at netflow, flowtools, etc, and work out where large chunks of
    > your traffic is going. Then research at to work out which
    > networks are likely to peer with you, and which peering exchanges they're
    > present at. Then look at the cost of transport from your existing POPs to
    > the peering points, and work out which ones it's financially viable for you
    > to reach.

    Thanks, i will look into

    Basically i just want to know if there is some "must have" locations in
    US, with a lot of ISP's POP on-site. Like AMS-IX in Europe.

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