Used (SONET) equipment sources/lists?

From: Forrest W. Christian (no email)
Date: Fri Oct 03 2008 - 00:25:28 EDT

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    I'm switching one end of a PtP DS3 to a location which only has fiber to
    the carrier. As a result, I'm really in need of a Fujitsu FlashWave
    4010 or equivalent which can take a sonet-framed OC3 from a carrier and
    break it out into individual DS3's.

    So far, my normal sources of used equipment have come up dry - but most
    of them really only deal with data networking (cisco) stuff, so it's a
    bit out of their league. A long time ago (you know, like 100 internet
    years ago), I used to post these type of needs to with good results, but that doesn't
    look very useful anymore.

    I'm hoping someone can point me towards a reseller which specializes in
    this type of stuff, or another source I've overlooked.

    (and no, eBay isn't a valid answer for this question... I've been
    watching :)

    Of course, if someone would like to tell me a easier/different (but
    still reasonably inexpensive) way to break apart a SONET OC3 such that a
    far end DS3 can be connected to something like a PA-A3-T3 or a PA-T3
    that would work too.



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